St. Cloud Capital VP Profiled by Prestigious Kayo Conference

St. Cloud Capital Vice President Sibyl Kavak and her sister Jenny Kavak were profiled recently by the prestigious Kayo Conference at the annual Kayo Conference Series on Jan 24, 2020. The sisters discussed how one family produced two high achievers with parallel careers.  St. Cloud Capital is proud to have Sibyl on our team!

Sibyl on working at St. Cloud Capital: “Recently, I moved to St. Cloud where I am focused on sourcing, executing, and managing growth capital (debt and non-control equity) transactions in the lower middle market. It’s been really fun and fulfilling. I really enjoy the mix of looking at a lot of companies across a wide variety of industries but also digging really deep during the diligence phase. I also enjoy partnering, building relationships with, and learning from entrepreneurs and management teams.

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