Yilin Huo: St. Cloud Intern Reflection, December 2019

Yilin Huo
Dartmouth College student
St. Cloud Intern Reflection, December 2019

Hello! My name is Yilin, and I was an intern at St. Cloud Capital, LLC during winter break. I am currently a sophomore at Dartmouth College.

I was nervous on the first day of the internship and did not know what to expect. However, the St. Cloud team members welcomed me, and I quickly adapted into the internship life. Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer James Hays and Executive Assistant Tami Brinson were available anytime for questions and ensured that the internship went smoothly. Tami was very helpful and provided the interns with everything we needed. Part of my responsibility as an intern was to assist Tami with her duties. I helped operate the security camera, welcomed guests, and answered phone calls.

Even though I was an intern, I felt fully integrated into the team. For example, I sat in many of St. Cloud’s client meetings and Monday-morning team meetings. From these experiences, I was able to see how a well-oiled investment team functions in the private equity and direct lending world. The knowledge I gained from the St. Cloud team and the CEOs of various companies was incredible.

I assisted St. Cloud Vice Presidents Matt Smith, Brian Chow, and Sibyl Kavak in the initial screening process of new deals. I reviewed company presentations and performed supplemental research, using a variety of resources that private investment firms such as St. Cloud can access. Additional day-to-day activities included participating in meetings with sponsors and investment bankers, followed by regular debriefs with Matt, Brian, and Sibyl. The debriefs provided me with the opportunity to express any doubts, questions, or opinions about the meetings. Through our discussions, I gained an understanding of how an experienced investor looks at a company and analyzes competitive advantages, weaknesses, and financial prospects. During this internship, I not only gained technical knowledge by utilizing mini-financial-exercises and examining pitchbooks, but I also absorbed a new way of analyzing companies.

Overall, the internship at St. Cloud provided me with many high-quality experiences in the direct lending and private equity industry. I would like to express a large Thank You to Managing Partners Ben Hom, Kacy Rozelle, and Robert Lautz for allowing me to intern with St. Cloud, this experience was invaluable.